Carbon Dioxide Meter GM70

The Vaisala CARBOCAP® Handheld Carbon Dioxide Meter GM70 is a user-friendly meter for demanding spot measurements in laboratories, greenhouses and mushroom farms. The meter can also be used in HVAC and industrial applications, and as a tool for checking fixed CO2 instruments. The GM70 has a short warm-up time and is ready for use almost immediately. It has a menu-based interface, a graphical LCD display and data logging capability.

♦   Proven Vaisala CARBOCAP® reliability
♦   Two optional sampling methods: diffusion or pump aspiration
♦   User-friendly meter with multilingual user interface
♦    Numerical and graphical display of measurements
♦   Data can be logged and transferred to PC via MI70 Link software
♦   Wide selection of measurement ranges
♦   Easy recalibration using the interchangeable probes
♦   Suitable for field checking of fixed CO2 instruments
♦   Short warm-up time
♦   Compact and versatile

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The Vaisala Carbon Dioxide Meter GM70

Two Sampling Methods

The handle is for hand-held diffusion sampling. The GM70 pump enables pump-aspirated sampling from locations difficult to access otherwise. It is also ideal for comparisons with fixed CO2 transmitters.

Interchangeable Probes

The GM70 uses the same probes as Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Transmitter Series GMT220. By plugging different probes into the handle or pump, the user can easily change the measurement range of the GM70. The meter can also be used as a calibration check instrument for Vaisala's fixed CO2 instruments. GMW90 and GMP220 probes can also be adjusted by using the GM70 meter. The GM70 has two probe inputs. Vaisala's relative humidity and dewpoint probes can also be used simultaneously with CO2 measurement.

MI70 Link

The optional MI70 Link Windows® software and the USB connection cable form a practical tool for transferring logged data and real time measurement data from the GM70 to a PC.