HMP4 Relative Humidity and Temperature Probe

Vaisala is the original innovator of the thin-film capacitive humidity measurement technology, which has now become the industry standard in humidity measurement. HUMICAP technology results from Vaisala's 40-year experience in industrial humidity measurement, providing the best stability, fast response time, and low hysteresis in a wide range of applications.

♦   RH accuracy up to 0.8 %RH
♦    Temperature accuracy up to 0.1 °C (0.18 °F)
♦    Temperature measurement range -70 ... +180 °C (-94 ... +356 °F)
♦    Operating pressure 0 ... 10 MPa (0 ... 100 bar)
♦    Sensor purge provides superior chemical resistance
♦    Modbus RTU over RS-485
♦    Plug & play compatible with Indigo™ series of transmitters
♦    Traceable calibration certificate: 5 points for humidity, 1 point for temperature

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HMP4 Relative Humidity and Temperature Probe

Chemical Purge Minimizes Effects of Contaminants

In environments with high concentrations of chemicals and cleaning agents, the chemical purge option helps to maintain measurement accuracy between calibration intervals. The chemical purge involves heating the sensor to remove harmful chemicals. The function can be initiated manually or programmed to occur at set intervals.

Flexible Connectivity

The probe is plug and play compatible with Vaisala Indigo series of transmitters, or it can be used as a standalone digital Modbus RTU transmitter over RS-485 serial bus. For easy-to-use access to field calibration, device analytics, and configuration functionality, the probe can be connected to Vaisala Insight Software.

Vaisala Indigo Product Family

Indigo transmitters offer a variety of connectivity options through analog signals or digital outputs, configurable relays, and wireless (WLAN) configuration interface, providing a suitable solution for all industrial humidity measurements. The cable length between the probe and transmitter can be extended to up to 30 meters.