Differential Hall Effect Speed Sensor

The correct choice of sensor is always a prerequisite to achieving a successful solution. Our A5S speed sensors are based on the proven Differential-Hall-Effect principle. Their low end of 0 Hz allows monitoring the machine down to zero speed. They are contact-free, wear-free, maintenance-free and unsusceptible versus external magnetic stray fields and machine vibration. These characteristics make the series of A5S sensors especially suited to all applications where high levels of accuracy and reliability are at a premium. In contrast, other sensors like magnet-inductive or static Hall-sensors do not meet these demands.

Each sensor in the series is available in various lengths and diameters and comes with a choice of connections. However, functionally all sensors have the same characteristics.

The stainless steel sensor housing is sealed at the front and is pressure resistant (> 200 bars)

♦   Detection of rotational speed in non hazardous areas
♦    Speed range from 0 Hz up to 25 kHz (response time < 20 microseconds)
♦   Air gap to the target / pole wheel up to 2.5 mm (depending on the profile size)
♦   Temperature range -40...+125 °C (-40...+255 °F)
♦   Differential principle diminishes the influence of external magnetic stray fields and of machine vibration
♦   Sealed stainless steel enclosure > 200 bar pressure to sensor tip
♦   Available for connection via tight plug, or with firmly attached cable (PVC or Teflon® insulated)
♦    Powerful square wave output signal equally high over the entire speed range
♦   Sensor short circuit proof and protected versus polarity error
♦   Accepting fine and coarse profiles, as gear wheels, slots, cams, holes in any ferrous material

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The BRAUN Single Channel Speed Monitor series D224


♦    Contact-free with a large air gap, so the potential for damage is eliminated
♦   Wear-free due to its unique design principle
♦   Maintenance-free during Lifetime, therefore minimized TCO
♦   Unsusceptible versus external magnetic stray fields and machine vibration
♦   Operates down to zero speed Can not be damaged by faulty wiring
♦    Almost every target profile can be used
♦   A5S0 Sensors do not influence each other, no mounting distance in between is required