Temperature Transmitter STT250

Honeywell's STT 3000 family of microprocessor based smart temperature transmitters designed for temperature monitoring applications, STT250 described in this specification sheet for use with control and safety applications. The STT250 units offer competitive performance in a more compact module and with a wider range of smart communications protocols.

♦    Smart communication protocols available include HART or DE Honeywell.
♦    Direct sensor head mounting in DIN Form A housing. Housing materials available include plastic, aluminum, 316SS and cast iron.
♦    Mounting options include wall, pipe, DIN rail or direct sensor head mounting with or without a housing.
♦    Suitable for 4, 3 or 2 wire Pt100 and Pt200 RTD measurement.
♦    Open circuit sensor analysis carried out in every measurement cycle.
♦    Integral analogue or digital indication meter option.
♦    Analogue to Digital converter validated frequently

Download the Technical Specification of

The Honeywell Temperature Transmitter STT250

♦    STT25H with HART™ protocol
♦    STT25S with HART 6 protocol and SIL 2 approval
♦    STT25M for 4-20mA and local/ remote configuration
♦    STT25D with digital DE protocol for either 4-20 mA operation or digital integration