Single Channel Speed Monitor series D224

Dual Channel Monitor series D224 for measurement of speed and ratio for increased safety requirements up to SIL1

The BRAUN Speed and Ratio Monitor Series D224.xx receives input signals from speed sensors or flow rate transmitters. The two specially designed signal inputs fit perfectly to our proven A5S... sensors. However, they can also be used universally to accept any other sensor signal.

The monitor simultaneously measures one or two speed values (or other quantities transmitted as frequency). This input is utilized to compute ratio, difference or sum and thereby to read and monitor such entities as stretch/shrinkage or blend ratio.

Display, setpoints, and analog output may be adjusted to any speed. During its lifetime cycle, the monitor is completely maintenance-free.

♦   Speed and Ratio Monitor with sensor monitoring and self-test function
♦   Frequency range 0 Hz...50 kHz
♦   1 Analog Output 0/4...20 mA
♦   Bright red digital LED display
♦   4 Alarm Outputs via relay contacts
♦   2 Signal Inputs for connection with two A5S series sensors or
♦   2 Universal Signal Inputs, also for Magnetic Pick-Up sensors (MPUs)
♦   RS232 Data Interface (for version D224.11)
♦   PROFIBUS Data Interface (for version D224.12)
♦   Universal Power Supply range 20265 Vuc

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The BRAUN Single Channel Speed Monitor series D224


♦    Fast, precise and safe

♦   Maintenance-free during Lifetime, therefore minimized TCO

♦   Rapid and accurate response through period measurement