ToxiRAE Pro Personal Wireless Monitor for Toxic Gases and Oxygen

The ToxiRAE Pro is the world's first wireless personal monitor for toxic gases and oxygen1. The ToxiRAE Pro can detect a broad range of gases - from carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen to ammonia, chlorine, and formaldehyde2. The ToxiRAE Pro provides safety professionals wireless remote access to real-time instrument readings and alarm status for better visibility and faster incident response. The ToxiRAE Pro's intelligent interchangeable sensors store calibration data, which allows users to monitor for one gas one day and another gas the next, by simply swapping the sensors in the ToxiRAE Pro3.

♦   Wireless elevates safety to the next level
♦    Over 20 intelligent interchangeable sensor options to cover a wide variety of gases
♦    Man Down Alarm with real-time remote wireless notification
♦    Easy to maintain with replaceable sensor, filter, and Li-ion battery
♦    Fully-automatic bump testing and calibration with AutoRAE 22

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The Vaisala ToxiRAE Pro Personal Wireless Monitor for Toxic Gases and Oxygen

♦   Agriculture
♦   Chemical
♦   Fire service / HazMat
♦   Food and beverage
♦   Oil and gas
♦   Pharmaceutical
♦    Pulp and paper
♦   Steel manufacturing
♦   Water and wastewater industries

ToxiRAE Pro Comes With :

♦   ToxiRAE Pro monitor with sensor as specified,
♦   Alligator clip, protective rubber boot, and
♦   Rechargeable battery installed
♦   Charging and PC communication cradle
♦   PC communication cable
♦   AC adapter (100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz AC to 12 V DC)
♦   Calibration adapters
♦   Quick Start Guide
♦   CD with documentation
♦   Calibration card, quality certificate, and
♦   Warranty/registration card

Optional Accessories

♦   Auto RAE 2 Automatic Test and Calibration System

♦   Multi-unit charging station for up to five monitors