BRAUN means innovative product development the highest level of quality, 100% tested technological leadership specific, custom made solutions. As a second generation family-run business we are your reliable supplier of protection systems for "Rotating Equipment" with the focus on overspeed protection.. Braun offer perfect, customized and economical solutions for the protection of "Rotating Equipment", such as turbines, compressors, expanders and similar machinery. Environmental aspects play a significant role in the development of new products, in the selection of production technologies and the cooperation with our suppliers. Braun consider it as our responsibility to protect and preserve important resources in terms of sustainability for future generations.

Consistently excellent quality is the basis for high customer satisfaction. Our customers are aware that we meet this responsibility permanently.

To fulfill the high-quality requirements of our customers we ensure 100% testing of each product based on run-in or burn-in conditions

Internal standards provide this testing, aligned according to DIN ISO test methods and tests by independent institutions for systematic and continuous quality assurance.

In manufacturing products that are used in explosive hazardous areas, BRAUN maintains an additional quality assurance system that ensures the proper production of all ATEX/IECEx certified products. This extended quality assurance system is regularly audited and documented by the TUV.




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Protection systems for rotating equipment

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