Honeywell Elster® enCore FC1 High performance flow computer

The Honeywell Elster FC1 flow computer is designed for gas and/or liquid measurement applications and the corresponding calculation algorithms. Multi-stream functionality and advanced logging properties with a wide range of security and communication features are available. enCore, which means Honeywell Elster new Core, is the ‘base plate’ of the FC1. This backbone of the new flow computer contains the basic functionalities. A modular software system consisting of independent application function blocks (AFBs) turns the FC1 into a reliable, secure and high performance flow computer

♦   Modular hardware architecture (one interface board per stream)
♦   Partial software upgrade/update via USB or TCP/IP
♦   Enhanced data logging functionality
♦   Calculations according to AGA/ISO/API/GPA
♦   Ethernet: HTTP/MMS/Modbus/NTP protocols
♦   USB front panel interface
♦   Configurable layout of user-defined displays
♦   Multiple language system (selectable online)
♦   Optionally integrated intrinsically Ex-barriers
♦   Low power consumption
♦   Liquid measurement
♦   PID control
♦   Turbine Lubrication
♦   Soft PLC
♦   Printer support

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Honeywell Elster® enCore FC1 High performance flow computer

♦   Gas metering Skids
♦   Gas Distribution Depots
♦   Gas Pigging Stations

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