Hart Communication

The Honeywell MC Toolkit Configurator is a portable computer based engineering and maintenance tool used to configure, monitor, diagnose and manage smart field instruments/devices. Designed specifically for ease-of-use and increased productivity, this multipurpose tool supports both HART and Honeywell's Digitally Enhanced (DE) communication protocols.

♦    Configures any Honeywell DE device: SmartLine ST 3000, ST 800, ST 700 Pressure and STT 3000 Temperature Transmitters.
♦    Fully supports all HART 5.X, HART6.X and wired HART7.X. Commands and utilizes DD-IDE/SDC 625 technology and "Open" Tools standard.
♦    IrDA port enables IrDA Applications to interface with other IrDA standard devices including: Honeywell ISA100 Wireless devices, UDA 2182 Analyzers* and UDC Controllers*
♦    Configures any HART® device with a published HART Device Descriptions (DD), regardless of device manufacturer
♦    Industrial grade ruggedness with WP IP65 enclosure
♦    Memory Expandable through industrial grade SD card up to 32GB for data storage
♦    480*640 High resolution backlight display with ambient light sensor
♦    Numeric keypad with large buttons for easy operation or Alpha numeric key pads for convenience like mobile phone and ease of texting
♦    Supports easy downloading of any new vendor's DD files via a PC connection.
♦    Modular/Plug & play electronics

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The Honeywell HART Communicator- MCT 404

♦    Ruggedized version- Environmentally hardened with no approvals.
♦    Zone 1 approvals: Intrinsically-safe version available with FM Class I, Div 1/Zone 1 approvals, ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 approvals.