ToxiRAE Pro Personal Wireless Monitor for Toxic Gases and Oxygen

Small size. Easy to use. Reliable operation. Affordable protection.

With that combination of benefits, it's no wonder the GasAlertMicroClip is the world's most popular multi-gas detector, serving as your trusted companion in hazardous environments - keeping you safe without weighing you down.

♦   Advanced engineering for reliable battery performance
♦    Reflex Technology™ automated self-test function routinely checks the operating condition of the sensors to increase safety, up-time, and overall worker confidence
♦    Compact, lightweight and easy to use - no expertise required
♦    Flashing green IntelliFlash™ light for compliance at a glance

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The Vaisala Gas Alert Micro clip multi-gas detector

♦   Agriculture
♦   Chemical
♦   Fire service / HazMat
♦   Food and beverage
♦   Oil and gas
♦   Pharmaceutical
♦    Pulp and paper
♦   Steel manufacturing
♦   Water and wastewater industries

Affordable Protection

It's the first multi-gas detector with a rating of IP68 for unmatched water protection. So you can be confident it will stand up to challenging conditions.

Available Models

Choose from two detectors, both with extended 18-hour battery runtime, one-button operation and Honeywell's rigorous approach to quality:

♦   GasAlertMicroClip XL: low up-front cost with a two-year warranty.

♦   GasAlertMicroClip X3: three-year warranty and a new oxygen sensor that extends overall operational life expectancy.