Wheel Pulse Transmitter A1L05B500

Wheel Pulse Transmitter A1L05B500 for speed measurement on moving conveyor belts and on roll surface

The BRAUN Wheel Pulse Transmitters Series A1L05 are perfectly designed for measuring speed and length on moving conveyor belts, on a web or a roll surface or similar. The wheel pulser detects its motion and transmits a pulse train to a measuring unit. This unit will convert this signal into a display, or analog or data signals of the speed or length.

Installation A rod (20 mm in diameter) crossing the surface under measurement, should support the sensor at its end. This rod is put through the bore in the swivel head adjustable at the end of the sensor support bar. The sensor wheels thus should rest on the surface under measurement by the sensor's natural weight, and in a way to be pulled (not pushed) by the moving surface. Connection.

By plug-in socket at the rear end. Fits our signal cables L3A. Available ready to connect with any length to order. To connect to our portables with the ready to use cable L3A25BP.

♦   Speed range 0...3000 m/min.
♦   2 Wheels each with a circumference of 500 mm
♦   Resolution 1000 pulses/m
♦   Square wave pulse output
♦   Operating temperature 0...50 °C

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Wheel Pulse Transmitter A1L05B500


♦    Fast response and high resolution due to providing 1000 pulses per meter
♦    Flexible use for many applications due to its wide speed range
♦    Easy installation, prepared to use a supporting rod, thus resting on the surface by its natural weight
♦    Protection grade IP54 for use in a non-aggressive environment

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