Single Channel for 1001, 1002, 2002 Solutions

Single Channel Protection Systems for increased safety requirements up to SIL2

The BRAUN Single Channel Speed Monitor E16521D.1 for increased safety requirements is SIL2 / IEC 61508:2010 compliant. It monitors motors, pumps, feeders, gears, rollers and small turbines. The device provides protection against overspeed at any required value of rotational speed, including standstill.

The specially designed signal input fits perfectly to our proven Differential-Hall-Effect based A5S.. sensors.

♦   SIL2 / IEC 61508:2010 compliant
♦   Single Channel Monitor with sensor monitoring and self-test function
♦   Frequency range 0 Hz...50 kHz
♦   1 Analog Output 0/4...20 mA
♦   Bright red digital LED display
♦   1 Safety Output as DPST relay
♦   3 Alarm Outputs, one as SPST relay and two as PhotoMOS relays
♦   Signal Input for BRAUN A5S... sensors
♦   Square wave Pulse Output
♦   RS232 Data Interface
♦   Two Monitors, suitably configured with their Safety Outputs linked together, may provide a protection system with 1oo2 or 2oo2 redundancy
♦   Universal Power Supply range 20...265 Vuc

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Single Channel for 1001, 1002, 2002 Solutions


♦    Fast, precise and safe
♦    Maintenance-free during Lifetime, therefore minimized TCO
♦    Increased safety with 1oo2 architecture
♦    Maximum availability with 2oo2 architecture
♦    Universal range of application, throughout mechanical and electrical engineering, in the chemical industry, in power plants, and at test stands

Increased Safety Requirements

With single channel processing (1oo1) security provision is solely determined by the device configuration. Therefore the use of sensor monitoring with integrated plausibility control is essential. In such a case no redundancy is provided. Should a fault be detected, the entire system will be shut down immediately.

With two channel systems, there is a choice of implementation, dependent upon requirements. In principle, the two monitors operate in parallel yet independently. Alarm indication can be realized through the linkage of their Safety Outputs.

For 1oo2 processing, we have system redundancy with enhanced security through comparative diagnosis. In the case of fault detection, the entire system will be shut down. With 2oo2 processing, we still have system redundancy but with enhanced availability. Only if both monitors fail, the system as a whole will be shut down.

The E16521D.1 Speed Monitor permanently monitors the speed sensor for its correct function. During its complete useful lifetime of 20 years, the Monitor does not require any external proof tests and is completely maintenance-free.

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