Single Channel Speed Monitor series D521

The BRAUN Single Channel Speed Monitor Series D521.xx monitors motors, pumps, feeders, gears, rollers and small turbines. The device provides protection against overspeed at any required value of rotational speed, including standstill.
The universally designed signal input fits perfectly to BRAUN A5S sensors or equivalent. However, it can also be used with NAMUR type sensors, tacho generators, incremental encoders or magnet-inductive sensors (MPUs).

♦   Single Channel Monitor with sensor monitoring and self-test function
♦   Frequency range 0 Hz...50 kHz
♦   Universal Signal Input, also for Magnetic Pick-Up sensors (MPUs)
♦   1 Analog Output 0/4...20 mA or 0/2...10 V (for versions D521.10, D521.12, D521.14)
♦   Bright red digital LED display
♦   2 Alarm Outputs as SPDT relays (for versions D521.02, D521.04, D521.12, D521.14)
♦   2 Alarm Outputs as PhotoMOS relays(for versions D521.04, D521.14)
♦   Square wave Pulse Output
♦   RS232 Data Interface
♦   Two Monitors, suitably configured with their Alarm Outputs linked together, may provide a protection system with 1oo2 or 2oo2 redundancy
♦   Universal Power Supply range 20...265 Vuc

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The BRAUN Single Channel Speed Monitor series D224


♦    Fast, precise and safe

♦   Maintenance-free during Lifetime, therefore minimized TCO

♦   Increased safety with 1oo2 architecture

♦   Maximum availability with 2oo2 architecture

♦   Universal range of application, throughout mechanical and electrical engineering, in the chemical industry, in power plants, and at test stands